Publication de "Discographisme recreatif"

Publication de "Discographisme recreatif"

Assemblage de Patrice Caillet - En Marge / ed bricolage - octobre 2009

Exposition "Insiders" au CAPC - Musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux du 9 octobre au 7 février 2010

Présentation du livre à la librairie du Palais de Tokyo le jeudi 29 octobre à 19 h

Salon Light au point Ephémère, vendredi 6, samedi 7 et dimanche 8 novembre, au 200 quai de Valmy, Paris

Surboum approximative à Vinyl office (Disquaire d'occasion) le samedi 14 novembre, au 9 rue Trousseau - Paris 11ème

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Sounds of Silence LP
An anthology of some of the most intriguing silent tracks in recording history . In their own quiet way, these silences speak volumes: they are performative, political, critical, abstract, poetic, cynical, technical, absurd. The carefully chosen silences of this anthology are intrinsically linked to the medium of reproduction itself and reveal it\'s nude materiality. They expose their medium in all its facets and imperfections, including the effect of time and wear. The lp presents the silences as they were originally recorded, preserving any imperfection that the hardware conferred upon the enterprise, without banning the possibility to satisfying the ear. The liner notes provide historical background for each track, revealing the stated (or presumed) motivations for these silences, while providing novel sound correspondences or interferences. Co-produced by Alga Marghen with Sound-houses/Frac Franche Comté and Incertain Sens. Edited by Patrice Caillet, Adam David and Matthieu Saladin.

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